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Litchfield National Park

Explore Litchfield National Park

Visit the waterfalls, swimming holes, and hiking trails in this stunning national park, located just a short drive from Darwin

Australia’s Northern Territory, teeming with raw, untamed beauty and dotted with mesmerising landscapes, is home to one of its crown jewels: Litchfield National Park. A stone’s throw from Darwin, Litchfield offers a sublime blend of thundering waterfalls, serene swimming holes, and invigorating hiking trails, all wrapped up in an enchanting tableau of Australian wilderness.

Magnificent Cascades: The Waterfalls of Litchfield

Litchfield National Park hosts a collection of Australia’s most dramatic waterfalls. Wangi Falls is perhaps the park’s most iconic cascade. The roaring waters tumble from a height into a large, pristine swimming hole. Surrounded by verdant rainforest, it is an oasis of relaxation and invigoration. Insider tip: Arrive early to savour the tranquillity of Wangi Falls before the crowds descend.

Florence Falls, a double cascade in a monsoon forest, offers another mesmerising spectacle. After a day of exploration, plunge into its cool, inviting pool to refresh and rejuvenate.

Don’t Miss: Tolmer Falls

Tolmer Falls is a sight to behold, with waters plummeting over two high escarpments into a deep plunge pool below. The falls are off-limits for swimming due to the presence of sacred bat species, but the viewing platform provides a panoramic view that is an Instagram dream.

Time to Cool Off: Litchfield’s Swimming Holes

Litchfield is renowned for its tranquil and refreshing swimming holes. Buley Rockhole, a series of small cascades and pools, is a must-visit for those seeking a more secluded and intimate aquatic experience. Remember: Safety first. Always heed the warning signs and respect the local wildlife.

Insider Tip: Walker Creek

Walker Creek, off the beaten path, is a haven for quiet relaxation. Take a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge and find a private swimming spot to call your own for the day.

Trek the Trails: Hiking in Litchfield

For hiking enthusiasts, Litchfield delivers in abundance. Its network of trails ranges from gentle ambles to rigorous treks.

The Tabletop Track, a 39km loop, is for serious walkers. It traverses a variety of terrains, offering stunning views of the park and its unique biodiversity. Be prepared: Bring plenty of water and sun protection; know that this track requires overnight camping.

If you’re after a less demanding but equally rewarding experience, try the trail to the Magnetic Termite Mounds. These unique structures, built by industrious termites, are a sight to behold.

Little-Known Gem: Greenant Creek Walk

The Greenant Creek Walk, leading to the secluded Tjaetaba Falls, is a lesser-known gem. This moderate 2.7km return walk rewards with a peaceful swimming hole and a stunning view of the falls.

Litchfield National Park: The Oasis Awaits

Litchfield National Park is a vibrant oasis for nature lovers, from the thunderous roar of its majestic waterfalls to the tranquil respite of its cooling swimming holes and the invigoration of its myriad hiking trails. A day trip or weekend getaway to Litchfield is an opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in one of Australia’s most remarkable natural settings. Remember to respect the environment and its inhabitants; they will reward you with experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

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