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Oasis Tourist Park’s Inclusion Policy

One of Oasis Tourist Park’s core values is to be a place where every traveller from all backgrounds can feel respected, valued and safe. To achieve this, we intentionally create an environment of trust and respect, one that fosters inclusivity and safety. We elevate and protect diversity as a strength of nature and those who explore it. Discrimination does not support our values and does not belong in our Park.

We expect that everyone works to foster a sense of safety and inclusivity regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, political views, religion, national origin, or culture.

We have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination 

We are committed to addressing any behaviour that violates this policy. Guests engaging in this behaviour will be subject to temporary or permanent removal from our park.

Language, symbolism, behaviour, and other acts we consider discriminatory include, but is not limited to: 

  • Discriminating against, threatening, or insulting individuals or groups based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, political views, religion, national origin, or culture
  • Using derogatory terms, racial slurs, or code words or other words can be considered derogatory when used in a certain context
  • Displaying hate symbols including flags, codes, phrases, emblems, and others that are used for hateful purposes or could be considered hateful or discriminatory to certain groups.
  • Showing or eliciting support for hate groups or people promoting hateful activities
  • Suggesting, showing, threatening, or glorifying the use of violence — even jokingly — against an individual or a group of individuals 
  • Committing microaggressions: verbal, behavioural, and environmental indignities that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights or insults to a person or group
  • Displaying ornamentation, decoration, or memorabilia that are generally considered racist or discriminatory, or elicit feelings of discrimination.

Our commitment to inclusion is important to us, and we pledge to act with purposeful urgency in all instances related to discrimination. The policies above were established to create an environment of trust, respect, safety, and inclusivity in our Park.

We’re continuously striving to create a safer and more inclusive community, and we’re adapting to ever-changing norms. But we may not always get it right — we’re continuously learning too. Sometimes, our processes may fail to fully remove language and symbolism or address hateful behaviour that violates our commitment to building resilient communities. If you discover discriminatory language, symbolism, or behaviour, please report it to us. This will help us refine and grow the language, symbolism, and behaviour we understand as discriminatory, as well as strengthen the process we undertake to address discrimination. 

We are committed to doing what is right and continuously learning, iterating, and improving along the way. We know feedback drives growth and we constantly seek it — please feel free to share your thoughts on how we can improve.